Applying New Technologies

CIRA - Hot Spot Detection

Continuous InfraRed Analysis System, CIRA, is the next generation automatic thermal tracking system that features hot spot detection for hot metal containers.

CIRA automatically identifies, evaluates, and generates alarms of surface temperature anomalies in moving torpedo cars or ladles, without any human intervention, using FLIR state-of-the art infrared cameras.

CIRA maximizes equipment up time by avoiding any error-prone human intervention.

CIRA has the most innovative and user-friendly interface, it is a real user experience, conveniently accessible anywhere with a computer through a website or desktop application, or even from a mobile device.

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Industrial Studio 3D SCADA

Industrial Studio SCADA is a powerful HMI/SCADA system designed to monitor and control industrial processes.

Industrial Studio SCADA is OPC complaint based on Microsoft .NET Framework 4 compatible with Visual Studio 2010. The SCADA communications is based on the new Microsoft .NET Windows Communications Foundation (WCF) platform.

It allows you to concentrate all your HMIs and PLCs in one unique application.  It is designed to monitor and control industrial processes in real time from many different systems already installed in your plant since it is based on OPC Standard Specifications.

Completely based in new technologies, .NET Framework 4, Web based & Windows Presentation Fundation, 3D Mimics, Alarms, Events, Web Trendings in realtime and more...

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ReplicAnt VR

What is ReplicAnt VR?

We are proud to present ReplicAnt VR, a new and innovative system for process simulation, 3D visualization and operator training in a virtual environment.
ReplicAnt is useful in many different disciplines and stages of a project, such as plant/process line design, erection, pre-commissioning, commissioning and continuous improvement. It can be extensively used in many different industries, including Iron & Steel, Oil & Gas, automotive, manufacturing and many others. 

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Applying New Technologies - ANT Automation

We are an Industrial Automation company applying new technologies in different Industries.

Why ANT? 

At Applying New Technologies (ANT), as the ants we have:

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